At Nex, we design and build some of the finest Pergola you can think of for your backyard’s landscape design. See, it is the wish of everyone to have a beautiful space in the backyard. With our pergola solutions, you can realize this dream for your place. We offer a variety of pergola solutions to our clients intended of bringing attractiveness to their places.

See, no matter what you opt for your place whether it is an extension of the patio, a shaded walking space or simply a charming garden structure, pergolas are more than sufficient to enhance your yard’s ambience.

Project Scope

There is no doubt that everyone likes to spare some quality time when it comes to walking in an open space. For bringing that scenic beauty to your place, pergolas are inseparable elements. Thanks to their efficiency for giving an astonishing look to your residential or commercial properties. Besides this, the incorporation of the pergola in your yard space has the following perks:

  • Beautifies Your Yard Space
  • Free Ups Unnecessary Coverage At Your Yard Space
  • Can Be Modified Easily
  • Helps Preventing Mismanagement With Its Ready-to-install Structure