Overall Maintenance 

Nex provides a complete range of landscaping and swimming pool maintenance services to maintain the forever charm of your outdoor living spaces.

We sign an annual contract for the overall maintenance of the aesthetics of your exterior spaces. Through regular maintenance and cleaning, our technicians strive to catch the problems before they go out of hand.

Landscape and Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Our landscape and swimming pool maintenance team come with a tailor-made program for handling the day-to-day maintenance needs of your garden and its surroundings. Thus, we ensure that your property looks aesthetically pleasing throughout the year with a perfectly managed swimming pool.

  • Emergency Call-outs during the need for a temporary fix within 24 hours of the issue being reported
  • Non-urgent call-out service for the purpose of fault finding, breakdowns and other repairs
  • Annual maintenance contracts according to the client’s needs and budget

Call To know Our Services

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